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Monday, July 28th, 2008
9:09 pm
convo w/ dad
Dad: Did you tell mom you're going to Europe?
Me: No, did you?
Dad: I'm not sure. Hmmm
Me: You gonna tell her?
Dad: *Shrug*
Saturday, July 12th, 2008
8:21 pm
Santa Rosa and summer intinerary
I just got back from Santa Rosa visiting Jalena. It was a lot of fun. I arrived on Thursday and we caught up. We roamed around her garden and I admired her growing tomatoes, squash, peppers, corn, herbs, etc. We took a walk to her bosses house to drop off some papers. We stayed and chatted with the family for a while. His daughter had made some apple muffins that we tried; they were very good.
We walked back to her house and grilled some of her squash from the garden, made a salad, and made green curry. It was a hearty meal.
Friday we went to her parents house and I met up with her mom, who I haven't seen in over a year! They have really changed the house around- they built an entire new unit and have added goats and chickens to their lot. Cory, Jalena, and I walked and picked blackberries. Then we stopped at Lola's to do some grocery shopping and to eat some Mexican food for lunch. We went back to the house. Jalena's friend came over and we all went over the the Flamingo to go swimming. After that we came back to the house and started to cook and prepare for today (they were having a party at their house). We made two pie crusts, and two different types of salsas. We relaxed in the hammock and Cory taught me how to play Cribbage.
Today i woke up at about 8:30am and Jalena and I spent the entire day cooking and cleaning. We baked two blackberry pies, which turned out beautiful! We also made some guac and buttermilk cookies. We went to the farmers market and bought flowers and veggies. We ran into a Yoga student of Jalenas who was so energetic and excited. She was raving about the chocolate at one of the stands and insisted on buying us a box.
I'm now back in SF.

Here are the plans for the rest of summer:

Sunday: East bay to visit my cousins Jen and Pat
Monday: driving to L.A. and vising with Jason and Bri (cousins)
then going to Alyssa's house in the Valley
Tuesday: Going to Coldplay concert with Alyssa & co.!!!!!!!
Wednesday & Thursday: staying at Alex's place in L.A. We'll try to plan our Europe trip. Chilling w/ Luba during the day.
Friday: To San Diego
7.22-flying to SF- dinner party that night w/ Dad and family friends
7.24-7.26- going to Calistoga w/ dad for a mini vaca.
7.29-flying to SD and starting summer school
9.8- flying to Barcelona--traveling possibly to Bordeaux, Berlin, maybe Amsterdam.
9.22 - flying back to SD
-Fall quarter stars a couple days later and so does The Office!!!!!!
Friday, April 18th, 2008
12:13 pm
In the lab being bored. Kinda excited for school to finish because I'm going to LA for passover! weeeeeeeeee.
okay, that's all i really have to say. peace out.
Wednesday, February 27th, 2008
8:53 am
-I think im going to head to school a little early today before my test.....kinda nervous. wish me luck, folks.
-I have an essay due tomorrow in my accounting class. I'm going to compare contrast Fight Club to Liar's Poker...we'll see how that goes.
-Got into the Italy program. :-D
-Had a Beatles jam session w/ Alyssa. pretty cool.
-anyone a fan of Millionaire Matchmaker on bravo? I'm kinda addicted.
-Frank finished shedding....took long enough.
Sunday, February 10th, 2008
9:43 pm
Saw Atonement last night. Don't quite get the hype. The first half was decent, but then it just tapered off.
Alyssa and I tied at Phase 10 anoche....pretty amazing---kinda of a difficult game to tie at.
Not sure what I'm going to do next weekend.
Parents going to be in Vegas in April. I'll probably go for the weekend (because its a school week). I just have to decide if I wanna drive 10 hours in a weekend or fly...actually, i wanna fly. its just a matter of $$. flights can get pretty expensive.
Monday, December 24th, 2007
8:51 am
Frank's shedding
So I woke up this morning and checked on Frank. He's very white, which means he's going to shed. So I put him in a bowl of warm water. This helps him shed, but I don't think he likes it. He just looks up and me and gives me those eyes, "Really, must we do this yet again?" "Frankie, it is good for you and will help you shed-just one more minute." "Fine, but I'm going to look at you like this for the minute."
He's so cute. I hope his shed goes well. I'll check on him in an hour.
Friday, October 19th, 2007
1:17 pm
It's been such a long time since I've wanted to see soooooo many movies playing in theater. I often find that in a typical weekend there's at most 2 movies I really want to see. Now, it seems, that hollywood is making more I my kind of movies...here's a list of what's playing that i've seen/really want to see.

Gone Baby Gone-looks amazing....directed by Afleck, staring morgan freeman and aflecks brother Casey (really good actor....better than affleck)
Things We Lost in the Fire
Elizabeth---seen, thought was okay...first one much better
Lars and teh Real Girl
We Own the Night--seems a lot like the Departed....
3:10 to Yuma
Across the Universe--music great....story meh
Darjeeling Limited--it looks okay....im kinda getting tired of wes anderson's films, but i'm still down to see this
Deep Water
Into the wild
The Kingdom
Lust, Caution
Michael Clayton---saw it...really good---similar in ways to constant gardener--thriller--tom wilkingson is in it....kinda love him---so is george clooney
Superbad-saw it, love it
Time--by the same guy who directed 3-iron
Sunday, October 14th, 2007
7:38 pm
So today Alyssa and Jackie went to Petsmart buy feeder mice for Alfie (Alyssa's ball python). It turned out they only sold pet mice, so Jackie bought the mice anyway but under an alias. She had to sign a paper stating how she would take good care of them and so on. The mice came in what looked like a carboard house, and they were so cute. They didn't want to feed them to Alfie, and they wanted me to adopt them as pets, which would have been cool, but they stunk. I ended up feeding both the mice to Alfie. It was kinda cool. It's interesting to see Alfie eat them. Them Alyssa convinced me to get a pet for myself.
--I was thinking about guinea pigs, but they are messy. So are most rats. Then I considered dwarf hamsters, which are adorable, but they're too wild. I narrowed my list down to bearded dragons and leopard geckos, and I settled on the gecko because it takes up less room. I think i'm going to set it all up on Friday!!!! I'm kinda a fan.
--Oo, and it will definitely make my room, which i will take pics of one day and post.
--off to starting my hw
Friday, September 28th, 2007
2:47 pm
making up for a long time w/o posting....oh and europe was pretty amazing
--so I have the empty room, and i need to furnish it. i know that pretty much every piece of furniture I buy I'll have to sell (which will be pretty difficult)/ get rid of somehow bec there's no way i could drive it all up to SF when school ends. So i've been looking for hells of cheap things. i bought a full bed +mattress off of craigslist 4 $200. pretty amazing...it looks good. i brought my own bedding from home. then--okay i know this sounds hella trashy- but i bought this shelf thing at CVS for $6.50--after puting it together, i think it looks pretty amazing...i've put up most of my posters.....Donnie Darko, Shawhank redemption, Knocked Up, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Squid and the Whale, Princess Bride, Brad Pitt-Fight Club, Kathy Griffin, Les Liasions Dangereses, The lovemakers. i have this tapestry to put up and maybe one more poster and a bulliton board. i also put a dry erase board on my door. I still need to get a nightstand and some drawers. There's a nightstand at ikea that matches my bed perfectly bc my bed is from ikea too (originally) but it takes a while to put together, and it will be difficult to take apart---but it's only $50....i'm still looking on CL bec i might find something i like better there....who knows--if i don't find anything today, i'll go to ikea tomorrow to buy it. I found this guy on CL that was selling all his stuff and he lived in the same complex as i do, so i bought an awesome picture frame from him for $10.
--so far i love living here....yesterday was the first day of classes and i got to class in a shorter time then i did when i was in the dorms! it's bec the shuttle stop is literally a 30 sec walk from our apartment, and the shuttle takes me to the center of campus--my dorm last year was kinda far from the center of campus.
--Alyssa and Rachel are pretty cool roommates (apartmentmates, actually). last night alyssa and i played a game of scrabble-rachel, jessica (her sis), and i made popcorn and watched ugly betty and grey's.
--i went to a poster sale and bought some pretty amazing posters (brad and princess bride).....i should have got a beatles poster...that would have made my room. i also bought a red hot chili peppers poster as part of joshie's birthday present...no worries he doesn't read my lj often, and if he does, he wont read this part bec he'll be too bored for the first part.
--well, need to head off to my math class. wish me luck!
Thursday, June 14th, 2007
4:30 pm
almost complete......
So my room is almost packed up, which is good. I had to purchase a bike today because I'll need one at camp mather- that kinda sucked bec I have one in SF. The bike only cost $20, so it wasn't too bad. I packed up all of my bedding so I'll be sleeping on my bare mattress tonight.....whatever, it could be worse. I think that next year I'm going to take a lot less stuff down with me. I'm not sure what I won't bring because so far everything seems kinda essential. Okay, maybe not essential, but potentially useful.

So my plan for tomorrow is to completely empty out my room....they charge you for everything (if you leave even a small piece of trash, it's $25!). Then I'm going to go return a video to blockbuster, drive back to campus, park in a metered zone, take my final (which I really need to study for bc this stuff is hard! ahhhh no likeee vector calculus), then back to the car to drive 5 hours to Fresno (hoping to arrive by midnight), sleep in some motel in Fresno, then wake up the next morning and drive the remaining 5 hours to Camp Mather....ahhhh....it's going to be quite a day. I've never driven more than 3 hours alone, so this should be interesting. I have the latest Harry Potter book 5 on cd, so I think I'll pop that in for most of the ride.
Oh, and please write me a letter-I promise to write back...I'm only going to be at camp 'til July 13th, so don't bother sending one after July 8th or something

Lauren Brown-Cornell
35250 Mather Road, Groveland, CA 95321-971
Tuesday, June 5th, 2007
9:14 am
Sunday, May 13th, 2007
1:49 pm
Happy mothers day
+improv competition Friday night....Funzo
+David, Lisa, and I went to TJ Saturday
+hot tub Sat night at Sara's house and watched some drama, my life w/o me...lol
-today boredom strikes what's up with people going home to see their moms?
Thursday, May 10th, 2007
12:40 pm
movie stuff
-There was a free sneak preview of Knocked Up on campus yesterday. Alyssa and I saw it....pretty funny stuff---it's by the same ppl that did 40yr old virgin.
-Saw the movie Alpha Dog...I would give it a B+ hehe. Ben Foster I'd say was the best thing in that movie....maybe it's because he played a completely different character on Six Feet Under, and he did so well on that too. I was just super impressed.
-David will be in SD tomorrow....Lisa and I are currently trying to think of things to do to entertain him. Alyssa won't be in town...up to L.A. tear tear.
Wednesday, April 18th, 2007
5:53 pm
On Netflix queue....and excited about
1. Six Feet Under...last season
2. The Dead Girl
3. Red Rock West
4. The Miracle Worker
5. Entourage SEason 3
6. Extras Season 1
7. The Last King of Scotland
8. Alpha Dog
9. Weeds Season 1
10. Breaking the Waves (seen it already, but can't wait to see again)

-On Saturday night I'm seeing The Namesake.....very excited about that. Then we're all going to chill in downtown SD.
-Have decided to live off campus next year w/ my friends....need to find an house near campus and on the shuttle route....I don't want to have to drive to school. I'll get on that next week.
-Working at Mather for the first month of summer....need to get my CPR re-certified.
- The Sweet Hereafer- great movie-go out and watch it.
Monday, April 9th, 2007
10:44 pm
just 4 fun

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Sunday, March 4th, 2007
3:24 pm
So I'm in L.A. Alyssa and I are driving to The Grove, and I spot Kirsten Dunst in the car next to us smoking a cigarette, so her window was down, singing, and driving a Prius. I roll down my window and yell, "you're awesome." She says, "oh, [insert friendly surprised laugh], thanks." And then we drive away. I was pretty excited. I was going to say, "Claudia, you were amazing," but I didn't want to offend her. Props to those who know what I'm referring to.
--Friday night Alyssa, Nadene, Jackie, and I go to the Ok Go/Snow Patrol concert. We had backstage passes (Kevin works at Universal, so he got us them) and spent about half the time backstage. Alyssa and I printed up the photos of us and Ok Go (from when we met them on campus)and had them sign it. They were super nice just like last time. Then we took pics with Snow Patrol...omg...I love them even more. One of the guys form SP (sorry I don't know their names) talked to us for a little bit--he was sooooo cool. Overall it was a great concert. Thank you Kevin for getting us those passes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
--I got to see Alyssa feed her snake a mouse--coolness.
-We're planning to drive back to SD at around 7pm. Lisa, you wanna grab some coffee at 10pm?
Saturday, February 24th, 2007
4:39 pm
I want to go to Europe this summer-
--Saw Pan's Labyrinth last night. It was amazing-you'll should see it....:)
--going to a tea house with my peeps tonight
--need to do well in Warren Writing and math class---fudge--I hate studying
--hoping to go to Europe this summer with Lisa.....Lisa, let's plan this.
--Whole foods is the new hang out place---I feel like a bum there, but's it's so much fun.....
"Sit in spit." -Maia You're too funny.
--hAS anyone ever made Mochi brownies??? I've eaten them before, but have never made them....I'm currently trying to find a recipe online.
Monday, January 29th, 2007
10:00 pm
I think I'm going to write a letter to Joshie
-Rained this evening and the side of my bed is soaked along with much of my stuff (camera, papers, cd, cards, etc.)....suxorz
-went to a hypnotist show last night....'twas entertaining
-math midterm on Wednesday
-paper due Thursday
-bought raspberries at Trader Joes 2 days ago and today half of them were rotten....wtf!!! I paid $3 for them!!!

Current Mood: thankful
Monday, January 22nd, 2007
10:05 pm
My room is a mess and i have tons of hw to do tonight :(
Thursday night- got drunk
Friday night- didn't do much
Saturday- took a mini road trip w/ my friends to Julian
Sunday- went to O.C. with my friend to see Robert Schimmel...stand-up comedy.....hella funny
Thursday, January 18th, 2007
2:39 am
The Departed is playing on campus next week and I'm so there.
+ possibly studying abroad in Italy this coming Fall
- will be super expensive
+ halfway done with my core writing assignment
- 8 am class tomorrow
+ am tentatively chillin' w/ my brother on Sat
+ seeing Robert Schimmel perform on Sunday night!!!!
+ might go to Kronos Quartet performance on Friday
- Room is a mess
- can't drive stick shift
+ Thank You For Smoking
+ Children of Men
- attending class

---First quarter I missed my friends from SF (you know who you are....) mucho, and now I miss them semi-mucho and that makes me sad. I still love you all!

Current Mood: tired
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